Enterprise Data Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy

Enterprise Data Solutions, Inc. (EDSI) prioritizes safeguarding your privacy. Our Online Services and Hosting Solutions encompass Web and E-Mail Hosting, Application Hosting, and Online Training and Learning Courses, all backed by secure financial transaction processing. This document outlines the specifics of information collection, utilization, and protection.

Information Collection

Your interaction with our site dictates the information collected. Here’s how:


• Your IP Address is tracked for technical support and internal marketing purposes.


• For all purchases, we gather your name, address, phone number, and email address to facilitate communication and transaction confirmation. Notably, not all transactions require phone confirmation.
• Credit card transactions entail collecting card details such as number, expiration date, and billing address. We secure this data, as detailed in the subsequent section.

Account Creation:

• Optional additional addresses and contact details can be provided when creating an account for added convenience.

Utilization of Personal Information:

• EDSI employs information solely for transaction processing purposes and does not share it with any third party.
• Our E-mail marketing endeavors offer recipients an “OPT-OUT” option for future communications, which we fully respect.

Protection of Personal Information:

• We utilize 128-bit encryption technology and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) across all personal information collection points. Our website’s authenticity and SSL security are certified by VeriSign or GoDaddy.
• Credit card details are transmitted to our Credit Card Processor via SSL Connection, with EDSI refraining from permanently storing such information.

Questions and Concerns

For inquiries or comments, please reach out to Enterprise Data Solutions, Inc. at 866-302-EDSI (3374) or support@edsi.us.com.